Call Recorder

Skype Calls Recorder(Completely Free,No Limitations,No Ads)

Calls Recorder is ideal for taping your very own voice, podcasts, music or any other sound going through your computer system. It videotapes from a microphone, an outside LP, cassette, CD/DVD player, AM/FM/Satellite radio, etc Calls Recorder for Skype: With Phone calls Recorder your Skype discussions become more than merely passing thoughts Catch Skype Phone calls: Every important information is …

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CutMyCalls v1.6 S60v3 (FP2) S60v5 Symbian^3 Anna Belle Unsigned – Free Download

The CutMyCalls application allows you to watch the conversations time and cut your calls onto defined numbers on the specified time frame expiration. It allows you to use your mobile plans of certain operators with a maximum profit. Just for example imagine that your operator allows you to talk free of charge for the 5 minutes by day with certain …

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Mobile Call Recorder SymbRecorder v5.30 Lite S60v3 S60v5 Symbian^3 Anna Belle – Free Download

SymbRecorder 5.30.0 Features: • Totally new business level call recorder& voice recorder! • Phone call recording automatically or manually, BEEP FREE! • Voice memo recording, make your phone as a dictaphone • Most advanced beep suppression technique, Beep Suppression Modes: Mode1 : Perfect quality in amr/wav format with no audio gaps, the device side will hear a beep but the other …

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